Beneath you will discover data on pallets and a few sorts of packaging.

Euro pallets


  • Standard size (L × W) = 800 mm × 1200 mm
  • Greatest payload = 1000 kg*
  • Unfilled weight = 25 kg
  • * If the pallet is of good quality.

A Euro pallet is constantly set apart as a Euro pallet utilizing a few shortened forms like:

  • EUR
  • DB

These are the most widely recognized shortened forms. Tragically, there are likewise fake Euro pallets. These are Ewpallets (one-way pallet) dishonestly set apart with the truncation EUR without the ring around it. A false Euro pallet can be perceived by the thickness of the wooden boards. (1 cm rather than 2 cm). Tragically, we are compelled to view a false Euro pallet as an EWPALL and can’t trade these pallets.

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