Fall is here…

It’s fall now, did you prep your pond for this Autumn?

Fall/ Autumn

It’s the most difficult season for pond owners to keep their pond as a healthy one by protecting the same from falling of leaves. Utilize your pond pumps and filters appropriately  to adjust with the fall season.

Fish Pond Maintenance

During fall season the water temperature starts to drop; as a result the fish’s metabolism also show a drop. So feed your fish less. Once the water temperature drops to the 60’s you ought to just sustain your fish a few times each week.


Pond Plants/ Aquatic Plants

Do your ponds containing aquatic plants such as water lilies? 

The amount of debris increased during fall and which gives additional burden to your water gardening products such as pumps and filters. So that you need to remove the excess leaves and all debris regularly to get rid from the accumulation. This helps your filtration systems to work more efficiently also prevents the equipment’s potential damage due to clogs.

Pond Pumps and Filters

Depending on your area, it may not be astute to run your pond pumps through the winter. There’s the likelihood of water freezing through your pump system in the event that it stops and you aren’t around to get the issue.

Pond Netting

Tired of removing leaves from your pond? Why you are not trying a pond net?  By pond netting you can prevent your pond from falling leaves.

Bacterial Additives

The bacterial additives will eliminate unpleasant odors and it will helps the processing of organic materials more efficiently. Choose the additives specially made for the cooler temperatures.